Record Store Day 2024

This iconic event takes on Saturday 20th April in 2024, and; unlike the COVID years; will be the only one in the calendar year.

Most of you guys know the history and profile of the event and if you don’t; a look at the official RSD website will give you an authoritative run down.

So, support us on the day if you can.

Starting in 2007, the idea is for artists to celebrate all things vinyl in general and Independent Record Stores in particular. The latter saved the former format from going under during the dark days of the millennium when; abandoned by Chain Stores and emerging internet traders; vinyl looked a thing of the past; as indeed did Indie Stores under the assault from online mega-dealers and the rise of downloading.
17 years on, Indies are hanging on in there, although the threat still exists; nowadays from streaming, the major labels’ D2C operations and sale or return deals (not available to us) allowing a certain high street chain to stockpile and thus choke off supply.
Record Store Day is one of the strings to our bow that the predators can’t get hold of, at the moment, so it remains very important to us in our fight to keep music local.

The list of this year’s exclusive offerings is on the RSD website, and we have put our requests in based in part on what our customers have told us they fancy. The rules forbid us from taking pre-orders and, on the day, it is first come first served. We will know what we have been allocated towards the end of March. Most of the releases will be heavily oversubscribed as relatively few are pressed (they are exclusives after all), so we often do not get all we ask for (hence the queues that build from early morning – all part of the fun we are told!). Once we know we will put out our stocklist with prices on this page. Remember few shops can afford pay the upfront cost of every RSD release and have to select what they think is best for their customers.

We reckon we will have around 625 vinyls comprising around 200 releases. This is pretty typical for us, and we usually attempt to be at the lower end of the market pricewise which means we have to sell a greater proportion of our stock to break even; so your support is crucial

We are happy to let you know what we have got when we know and give you our best feel for how quickly a line will go. However, we are far from infallible even after all these years; so the time of your arrival is in direct proportion to the degree of your desire for a particular release!

And so, to the day itself:
We open at 8am. Early risers please try and keep the noise under control as not all our neighbours are vinyl heads!
We let in as many as can safely get in and pick up their target items then it is one in and one out until the queue dies down (usually about 10am). There is a slight lull for an hour or so then it picks up again and it steadily busy for the rest of the day.
To start with, the only real rule is that it is only one copy of any particular release per customer/group. There is no limit on how many lines you can buy as long as it seems reasonable to John and I. Mostly people are great and considerate of others so everyone can usually get something they really want. The day should be fun for all and we will work to that end, so if we think someone is taking advantage we will step in and our decision is final in that regard.

Once the queue has gone you are more than welcome to browse all our stuff and we may relax the one copy rule selectively. We are all vinyl lovers on the day and usually the day is a blast.

We normally try to get some live music on for your entertainment.

We close at 6pm but will open on the RSD weekend the following morning (Sunday) at 10am to continue selling RSD exclusives and usually there is still some good stuff to be had.
Sadly, in our view; RSD rules allow for online selling to be allowed; usually a couple of days later. We don’t usually go in for this but if anything is left after a week or so we will put some of it on (fl)ebay.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. So, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and we will try and answer your telephone queries.

Your Independent friend